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What is CX and how does it impact us?

Let’s learn about what CX is and how it helps improve the experience your customers have.

So, what is CX exactly? Being a CX specialist, I often get asked this question. To start, CX is shorthand for Customer Experience. My perspective is that CX is everything your customers experience with your brand, company, product, and employees. Including your website, chat, invoices, apps, e-commerce, on-hold music, etc. — every aspect of your business.

Why is this so significant?

At its core, CX is what determines whether your organization succeeds or fails.

With a bad or even subpar CX, it leaves a bad taste in customers’ mouths and it’ll have them looking elsewhere for a better experience. Think about when it first launched. It was a disaster — a horrible CX. Regardless of the insane cost to build the thing (which customers don’t care about) people couldn’t easily do the one thing it was built to do. People were left frustrated, confused, irritated, and downright angry at the entire experience. It was so bad there was wall-to-wall coverage on the news for months, further spreading the disdain for the CX.

“At its core, CX is what determines whether your organization succeeds or fails.”

But it doesn’t have to be that drastic to be bad. Think about the last time you were at a restaurant. Everything is going well, and before you take a bite, you find a dreaded hair in your food. Even if the server handles it well, apologizes, and brings you a new plate, that one instance of CX could have this be your last visit — not to mention the yelp review you leave, reaching thousands of others. Or when you complain to your friends after they suggest you head there for lunch.

On the other hand, excellent CX means exceeding the expectations of your customers during all their interactions, or touchpoints, with your company. It’s those “ooh” and “ahh” moments. And if you’ve ever opened a package from Apple, you’ll know that they consider the package experience as part of their CX, it isn’t just the product itself they care about — it’s EVERY touchpoint along the way that you have.

And when we deliver great CX, it makes you irreplaceable. And being irreplaceable not only improves your bottom line, but it creates customers that become loyal through thick and thin. Customers that become advocates for your brand — encouraging others to sign-up, buy, or follow. These are the types of customers you want to foster.

There are a lot of ways to create a great CX, but it starts with a commitment to creating something great for your customers and a focus on both the big and little things. So, rally your team, audit your customer’s experience, put yourself in their shoes, and create a CX your customer love instead of loathe.