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What is behavior analytics?

Let’s dive into behavioral analytics and how it can impact the decisions that influence our CX.

First, what even is behavioral analytics? Behavioral analytics is a way of revealing the engagement people have within a given CX. It paints a picture of each person’s behavior along the way, also known as a customer journey. You can use behavioral analytics to understand what people like and don’t like allowing you to make adjustments that make the CX more valuable.

Why should you use behavioral analytics?

Most companies live in constant pursuit of questions like, “What do customers think of our CX?” and “How are they engaging with our CX?” Behavioral analytics provides insights where teams understand customers’ needs and interests.

Without behavioral analytics, you’re stuck with a partial picture by only using demographic and data analytics. For instance, Netflix can’t know that someone loves romance films only based on their demographics — they must understand how they engage as well.

Behavioral analytics answers questions like:

  • What are people clicking?
  • Where are they getting stuck or frustrated?
  • How are they reacting to new features or changes?
  • How are they reacting to a new marketing message?
  • Which navigation patterns are they using?
  • Where are the opportunities to make improvements?

It’s important to note that behavior analytics isn’t the end-all in and of itself. While useful by itself, you’ll get the most out of it by using it as a complementary piece of the puzzle alongside customer feedback and data analytics.

Wrapping up, I hope this info provides you a better understanding of behavior analytics. And ultimately, I hope this helps you create an experience that drives business success and that customers love instead of loathe.

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