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Q&A about working together

I often get asked questions about who I work with, what I specialize in, and how I work — here are answers to the most common questions I receive.

What is CX?

CX stands for Customer Experience and represents the entire experience someone has with your company, brand, website, physical store, product, service, etc. My focus is on the digital aspect of that relationship regarding your mobile/web app. You can read more about my thoughts on my article, “What Is CX & How Does It Impact Us?”.

What types of businesses do you work with?

I work with a spectrum of organizations — from startups to nonprofits to global enterprises. Within that, I typically work with funded/established organizations or ones that are (or want to be) a leader in their industry. There are always exceptions, so feel free to reach out to talk first. 

What types of experiences do you design?

I have over 20-years of experience designing mobile/web-based apps. Everything I craft is through the lens of what makes it a delightful experience for your customers while helping you reach your business goals.

Can I simply hire you to audit my app?

Yes! Ideally, every project starts with an audit of the existing experience. While sometimes an audit isn’t possible based on time or budget restrictions, I encourage folks to weigh it in light of the immense value an audit can provide. 

I already have an app, can you help me improve it?

Yes! I thrive when coming into existing experiences to remove pain points for customers, streamline processes, or refresh the design, etc. Plus, my CX-focused approach can also reveal areas of improvement that might have otherwise gone unnoticed. 

I have nothing but an idea. Can you help me bring it to life?

Yes! Working together early on I deliver value around setting a design foundation, visual concepts, validating ideas with users, and plan the technology (if needed) that we’ll need to have in place to meet our short & long-term goals.

What type of experiences can you build?

I don’t provide coding services as I’m solely focused on the design of the UI. I can however make recommendations if needed.

What’s your turnaround time for designing an app?

Typically my projects range between 2 weeks to 3+ months — a pretty big range. That range depends on many factors, so having a conversation together where we can work out the requirements will be essential for getting you an estimated timeline.

Can you work with my in-house team?

Yes! While I often work solo, I have a successful track record working with in-house teams consisting of marketers, designers, and developers. The key to successful partnerships like this is clear and frequent communication, solid planning, and us sharing the same goals.

Can you support me long-term?

Yes! One of my goals is to have every client become a satisfied, long-term client. And while some clients just need a short-term solution, I prefer relationships where we can work together over the long term. Honestly, sometimes that’s where my clients get the most value since we can learn from the improvements we’ve made and optimize even further.

Do you do fixed-bid or hourly-based billing for projects?

Yes! I offer both fixed-bid and hourly projects. For new clients and some types of ongoing work, I start with hourly-based. For larger projects, I often do fixed-bid. That all said, every project is different, so let’s talk about what options can look like for your specific situation.

You’ve never worked in my specific industry, can you still help me?

Yes! While I have experience in many industries, there are sometimes new ones I haven’t had a chance to work in yet. For any industry, my process is the same — dive deep to understand your business, customers, and competition. In light of that, I believe that some of the most valuable insights and strategies I bring to the table are because I’m not ingrained in your industry and can bring fresh ideas and perspectives.

How are you different than the bazillion other agencies out there?

While I offer many things an agency does, I wouldn’t consider UpliftCX one. I’m a specialist who’s going to work with you on a personal level. You’ll have one point of contact (me) who brings creative chops, technical know-how, and exceptional communication. This lean model lets us both move faster, saving you time and money.

I represent an agency, can you work with us on our client’s projects?

Yes! I have an excellent track record working with agencies of all shapes and sizes. While I can work behind the scenes, we’ll likely create the best experience when we’re working side-by-side with your client. Let’s talk more about what you need and see if there’s a good fit.

How do we start working together?

Reach out and let’s have a conversation first. From there we’ll define your challenges and goals along with discussing budget/timeline. Afterward, I’ll deliver a proposal which we can review and refine further. From there, we sign the proposal, I receive a deposit, and we get things started!