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Case Study: mioPOD

“It’s great working with Tim. He brings a thoughtful, user-focused approach every time.“

Marcelo Aller, Mio Labs VP of Marketing


In a short turn around, we designed and built a unique, custom e-commerce experience for the fitness health monitoring company, Mio-Labs in time to launch their new product, mioPOD. 

The Situation

Mio Labs came to me to launch a new product to market, mioPOD —a wearable device that provides real-time, accurate heart-rate information for performance athletes. In the sea of other wearables from well-known brands, it would be critical that the new website stood out among the rest.

The Goals

While bringing a new product to market can have its challenges, we narrowed success down to 4 core goals: 

  1. Let the product shine: The mioPOD is a beautifully crafted device and the new shopping experience needed to reflect that in every pixel. 
  2. Engaging and interactive: We knew that we had to engage customers more than merely describing the product, the product needed to be brought to life through interactivity, motion, and video.
  3. Extend the brand: With a new brand guide in-hand, the website was the first implementation of the branding and needed to set the stage as to how the new brand could look online.
  4. Use a flexible e-commerce platform: Launching to market had many uncertainties, so we needed to choose an e-commerce platform that allowed us to pivot as needed, both with new content and functionality.

The Solution

Let the Product Shine

The mioPOD is a beautiful, high-end wearable device, and we knew the website would need to reflect that. And while there would be a lot of supporting content, the product itself needed to be the focus. We made sure the product was at the forefront through the strategic use of photography and video, creating a visual hierarchy that led people through the product’s features and benefits.

Engaging and interactive

It’s one thing to talk about a new product, it’s a whole other thing to show it in action. Knowing that we brought the video to the forefront to tell the story and benefits — while showing off the sexy product details. We followed that up with rich photography and engaging 3d graphics to further drive home the product experience.

Extend the brand

To prepare for the launch of mioPOD, Mio Labs underwent a rebranding effort to revitalize their logo, color palette, typography, and visual assets. The new website was the first iteration of the new brand, so we had to both work within the brand guidelines while exploring different ways it could be brought to life — taking great care with each color, font, and graphic. With the new website in place, there is a consistent brand and customer experience between using the product, using the mobile app, and engaging with the website.

Use a flexible e-commerce platform

Launching to market had many uncertainties, so we needed to choose an e-commerce platform that allowed us to pivot as needed, both with new content and functionality. After evaluating Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, and WooCommerce, we selected Shopify due to its performance, flexibility, and extensibility. With Shopify in place, we’re able to add rich content and pages along with easily expanding its functionality as Mio Labs grows.

The Results

The mioPOD was successfully launched on a site that brought the product to life in an interactive way while strengthening the brand even further. And with the Shopify platform behind the scenes, Mio Labs can pivot with market demands and business growth as needed.