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7 attributes of my ideal client

There are a lot of things that make an ideal client for me, but here are my top 7.

Over the past 20-years, I’ve worked with a lot of different types and sizes of businesses. And while the below aren’t hard-and-fast rules, I’ve seen a pattern of the ones that I collaborate best with and where we create the best apps for customers.

So, here are the top 7 attributes of my ideal client:

  1. They have an existing experience that needs improvement
    While I do create apps and experiences from scratch, I found that when I’m able to come into a current experience, the work is more fulfilling and the results are even better. Part of the reason for that is we typically can get to market faster than if we were starting over, which means we’re able to get customer feedback sooner, which helps quickly refine the experience.

  2. They’re fully committed to creating great apps for people
    It’s one thing to want something; it’s an entirely different thing to be fully committed to it. In a committed organization, typically this means there’s support from the top down. Even better, it’s part of their internal culture and ingrained in all that they do.

  3. They want to compete as a leader in their market
    Wanting to be better and improve is great, and I respect that. That said, where my clients and I succeed the most is when there’s a competitive desire to be an industry leader.

  4. They care about the entire customer journey
    To create an experience people love instead of loathe, we have to look at the customer’s entire journey and understand how it begins, ends, and all the small interactions they have along the way. My ideal client is already in touch with these moments or at least is eager to have a partner that will help map them out — uncovering what needs to be improved to reduce the friction for customers.

  5. They understand the value of high-quality design
    My ideal client doesn’t want “just ok” design. They know that great design connects and moves people, motivates them to engage, improves their experience, makes them happier, and ultimately has a better impact on the bottom line.

  6. They’re looking for an app specialist, not a big agency
    So this doesn’t come as a surprise, I’m not a big or even medium-sized agency. My ideal client isn’t looking for a big team of people with layers of bureaucracy. They want a personal relationship with a specialist who intimately understands their business, product, goals, and customers. Leading me to number 7…

  7. They are looking for someone to treat them right
    With every client, I strive to give them the best possible customer experience in working with me. To do that, I work with transparency, deliver exceptional work, provide prompt communication, and bring a commitment to deliver on-budget and on-time.

If all this resonates with you, reach out as I’d love to talk and learn more about your business, customers, and how we can create an exceptional CX that drives value for you and your customers.